We are a pet friendly hotel in the Dolomites, for mountain lover doggies!

If you really don’t want to leave your dog at home, make sure he likes the mountains!  At the pet friendly Hotel Alla Rocca, in Val di Fiemme, you can bring your little dog, but train him well – here you’re in company, so respect the rules. That way we’ll all be happier!

Pet Friendly Services

At the Hotel alla Rocca, in the Trentino Dolomites, everything is provided for your little friend!

  • Small dogs are welcome
  • Accommodated in the room
  • Possibility of dining on the veranda or in the bar room with the dog
  • Bowl in the room
  • Hygienic mat in the room
  • Hygienic bags in the room

The daily charge for your dog is €10.00 per day. Bring his favourite blanket and basket so he won’t feel uncomfortable.

Pet Friendly rules in the property

  • You can have breakfast and dinner with your pooch – we will prepare a table for you in the bar area, but make sure he stays close to you (better still, under the table);
  • In the room you will find a mat where he can snuggle blissfully –  avoid letting him climb on the bed, he might accidentally ruin the covers, which we would have to charge you for;
  • We know that dogs bark, but we also know that, at certain times of the day and especially at night, other guests wish to rest. Please make sure that the hours of silence are respected;
  • Common areas such as the wellness area or the restaurant are not suitable places for your little friend;
  • Keep your dog and the places where he stops clean. Everyone will be very grateful!

Pet Friendly rules Outdoors

  • Always use a leash, no longer than 1.50 m, when taking your dog to urban areas and places open to the public;
  • In dog areas designated by municipalities he can roam freely;
  • On footpaths it is advisable to use a leash and to carry a muzzle (rigid or soft) to be fitted to the dog if there is a risk to the safety of people or animals, or at the request of the competent authorities;
  • If you have to leave the dog with someone else, hand it over to people who can handle it properly;
  • Ensure that the dog’s behaviour is appropriate to the specific demands of being with people and animals in the context in which it lives;
  • Collect droppings (in urban areas), and make sure you have the appropriate tools with you to collect them.

Doggie on an e-bike, what fun!

Did you know that here at the Hotel Alla Rocca you can take your little dog with you on e-bike trips? We have a trailer for him too!

Special price, very friendly

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